Battery Storage Design for Grid-Connected Solar Systems

For residential and commercial solar systems.

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Battery storage for grid-connected systems 

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Over the past two years, the demand for on-grid battery storage has rapidly accelerated alongside the ever-increasing uptake of solar photovoltaics (PV). This natural progression has been spurred on by consumers seeking peace of mind and the desire to exploit the value of the solar energy produced on their own roofs. 

The growth in this business segment means that there is a large range of battery storage solutions on offer. Our team is here to help you to select the safest and most reliable solar battery storage option for your clients.

Lithium-ion batteries

When it comes to the battery system in grid applications, lithium-based technology is the clear favourite. Lithium is a very energy-dense mineral and ideal for home energy storage applications. 

Lead-acid batteries

The other classic amongst battery technologies is lead-acid. While it is an old technology, the lead-acid battery chemistry and cycle life have been improved over time and are well proven. Due to its advantages in hot environments and ability to supply high amperage loads, there is still a place for lead-acid batteries in Australia. 

We ensure that both technologies are matched with the correct inverter. Our team can assist you to choose the right battery system for your clients.

Battery Compatibility 

There is an increasing range of batteries available in the market today, so it can be difficult to ensure that batteries and battery inverters are compatible and appropriate for the application. 

That is why we have put together our Battery System Brochure, which highlights a number of leading grid-connected battery storage system options. We hope this simplifies the process of selecting grid-connected battery solutions. 

Off-Grid Containerised Solutions 

Distributed energy storage is becoming more and more competitive for fringe-of-grid and traditional off-grid locations as the cost of battery and solar modules decreases. 

In partnership with a number of companies, we have developed two fully functional off-grid enclosures for display and training purposes. 

Contact our team to view the installations in Perth, Cockburn Central.

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