Solar Battery System Fundamentals

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02. Apr. - 01. Feb.
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The GSES Solar Battery System Fundamentals online course provides a comprehensive introduction to grid-connected battery energy systems and how they can work in conjunction with a PV system. It is a technical course that introduces key concepts regarding the technologies used, the basics of sizing a battery and the operational life of a battery system. It will also cover some typical functions of a battery system such as providing backup during grid outages and off-setting peak loads.

Learning Outcomes: Understanding how grid-connected battery systems interact with PV system, characteristics of batteries and what are the emerging battery technologies

Topics Covered:

  • How PV and batteries work together
  • Overview of battery technology
  • Sizing batteries
  • Operation of battery system

This course is designed for electrical engineers and installers but it will relevant for other engineering disciplines like civil, structural, mechanical and environmental engineering.

Experience level: This course is a basic level and no previous experience required.

Prerequisites: None


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