Introduction to PVSyst: Grid-Connected PV Systems Short Course

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02. Jun. - 02. Feb.
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The Introduction to PVSyst: Grid-Connected PV Systems is an online video-based course that provides a comprehensive introduction to designing and simulating different types of grid connected PV systems in PVSyst. It also provides an overview into modelling energy yield, defining system losses, as well as performing economic and greenhouse gas analysis on a PV system.

At the end of the course, there is also a simulation-based assessment in response to a design scenario where you can apply the knowledge that you have learnt throughout the course.

The course is particularly relevant for those with Grid-Connected PV design experience wishing to expand their knowledge into software based system design and energy modelling.

Upon completion, CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited designers/installers will be eligible for 55 CPD points.

Course Content:

  • Understand the purpose and functionality of the software and be able to navigate throughout the software.
  • Define site characteristics including location and weather data
  • Define system characteristics including system orientation, grid power limitation and load consumption modelling.
  • Design different types of PV systems using PVSyst including:
    • Roof-mounted systems;
    • Ground-mounted systems;
    • PEG systems;
    • Systems that use single axis tracking; and
    • Systems featuring bi-facial PV modules.
  • Gain an overview of the system losses, and how they impact the simulation of the PV system.
  • Perform P50 – P90 estimations for a PV system.
  • Perform economic and greenhouse gas abatement analysis on a PV system.



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