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The GSES Solar Water Pumping Guide e-Book contains everything that is needed to know about Solar Water Pumping, from the technology background to the design, installation and maintenance of these systems.

It is being made obvious that communities need to be able to access and distribute water reliably, efficiently and cheaply. There are many different technologies that have been implemented for water pumping: some which drive the pump directly, such as windmills and diesel pumps, and others which generate electricity to power an electric pump, such as petrol/diesel generators and pumps powered by the electricity grid. The use of solar photovoltaic technology to power an electric water pump has increased consistently as the interested parties, e.g. farmers, mining, remote villages better understand the potential and benefits of solar power used in this way.

Solar PV as a power source for rural and remote water pumping has many advantages. The electricity generated is clean (producing no emissions), cheap (having no fuel costs) and reliable (generating whenever the sun shines). Solar water pumps can be installed wherever there is sunlight. Solar pumps are also particularly useful for remote applications as they have low maintenance requirements.


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