GSES Solar Hot Water Systems Short Course

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01. Oct. - 31. Dec.
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Introducing the GSES Solar Hot Water Systems Short Course designed to offer a fully comprehensive overview of solar water heating technologies for those who are looking to skill up on this topic. 

Solar Hot Water Systems from GSES is a 100% online course that will give you essential knowledge of how solar hot water systems work and why they are considered an efficient renewable energy technology. The course content includes:

  • Detailed material on the established solar hot water systems
  • Design, installation and maintenance considerations
  • Basic calculations for system and main components sizing
  • Overview of commercial and large-scale technology as well as innovative technologies.

This course is for any person that wants to get familiar with solar water heating technologies. Tradespeople, homeowners, architects and engineers in the energy efficiency or construction industry are encouraged to take the course. 

This course is estimated to take 3 hours to complete. The course is self-paced and has an access duration of 1 year. The delivery is done online through written material, videos and quizzes. This course has no prerequisites. Basic knowledge of physics and maths is recommended. Students that complete the course successfully will receive a certificate of completion.

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