GSES Operation & Maintenance Of PV Systems Short Course

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The GSES Operation and Maintenance of PV Systems (O&M) online course provides a comprehensive introduction for those with Grid-Connected PV experience wishing to expand their knowledge into the specific maintenance requirements and operational considerations of PV systems. Operating and maintaining a PV system requires balancing of processes such as planning, timing and executing works and scheduling production to increase its lifespan, energy production and safety whilst decreasing the amount of downtime and unexpected system costs. 

Course Outcomes: This interactive online course provides a structured approach to understanding the operation and maintenance (O&M) considerations of a PV project. Upon completion, the engineers will have a better understanding of:

  • What are main PV system components that require significant O&M and site considerations to ensure system viability;
  • The types of O&M and benefits of conducting O&M on grid-connected PV systems;
  • What are the preventative maintenance requirements for main components and site considerations in a grid-connected PV system;
  • Who are the various stakeholders that may be involved in the process and their varied interests;
  • How to conduct corrective maintenance and troubleshooting system errors in a grid-connected PV system;
  • How to conduct condition-based maintenance on grid-connected PV systems and the type of monitoring equipment used to assist in identifying system errors; and Considerations for operating a PV system throughout its lifecycle.

Delivery Mode: Delivery is online comprising video content, theory, and short quizzes. Tutor support is available if required.

Duration: This online course is self-paced. We estimate it may take approximately 2-3 hours to complete, however this can vary. Course access is valid for 12 months.

Assumed Knowledge: It is assumed that students have existing knowledge of Grid-Connected PV Systems. They may have completed the Grid-Connected PV System Design or Install course, hold a Clean Energy Council Grid-Connect accreditation or have applicable industry experience across residential, commercial and industrial or utility scale PV systems.



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