Anatomy of Lithium Ion Batteries Webinar

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02. Apr. - 01. Feb.
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Lithium ion batteries are becoming an increasingly common place energy storage device for both on-grid and off-grid applications from residential to utility scale sites. This online two-part webinar from GSES is aimed at educating those with PV designers and installers about the fundamentals of lithium ion batteries. This webinar provides a structured approach to understanding the fundamentals of lithium ion batteries including construction of the battery cells, battery chemistry, common battery electrolytes and their associated risks, failure mechanisms, and safety requirements.

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion, the participant will receive a GSES certificate of completion, which can be submitted to the Clean Energy Council to earn CEC accredited designers and installers 45 CPD points.

This webinar is primarily aimed at electrical engineers, electricians and installers but it is also suitable for all other professionals who are interested in broadening their knowledge in battery system technologies currently available on the market.



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