GSES Distributed Network Connections Webinar

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01. Apr. - 01. Jan.
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Distributed Network Service Providers (DNSPs), who are typically the authority granting permission for residential and commercial-scale PV system grid connection, must maintain power quality at all times for all customers. The GSES Distributed Network Connections online webinar discusses various network protection requirements set by different DNSPs, Australian Standards and the AEMC guidelines, and suggests practical ways for installers to meet these requirements when applying for grid connection approval.

Course Content: This short course consists of a 16 minute video followed by a 10 question quiz.

Completion Outcome: Successful completion of the quiz will provide the participant with a GSES certificate of completion, which can be submitted to the Clean Energy Council to earn CEC accredited designers and installers 45 CPD points.


Please read the essential Course Information and Policies before purchasing this course.

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