Customised solutions require technical expertise

Independent consultancy services for solar systems in every part of Australia - On- and Off-Grid

The technical expertise in our team stretches back for two decades. We have been designing and supplying solar power systems for a broad range of clients both on and off the grid.

The Australian geography and disconnected electricity network poses challenges for the utilities, the solar industry and the end customer. We have worked within these boundaries for a very long time and our team understands how to go through this web and find answers.

The high penetration of solar into Australian electricity network is causing issues for network providers and we assist our customers to meet the stringent rules. We have developed cloud smoothing solutions, zero export products and grid protection systems to overcome the barriers of entry.

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Discover our high-quality Offgrid solutions

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Turn your technical challenge into a solution

Our technical knowledge when it comes to offgrid applications has an outstanding reputation within the industry. Our team has designed systems for pastoral farms, remote houses, telecom providers, railway operators, offshore platforms, water pumps and lighting systems. The list could be extended further as there is almost no limitation to our expertise in relation to offgrid energy supply.