Load Analysis and Profiling

The analysis of a load and creating a load profile is very important and even part of the Australian Standards. We ask the right questions to find out what type of load is required to be covered as this has an impact on the sixing of the inverter as well as the array and on the design architecture (such as DC-coupled or AC coupled design)

Household Systems

These systems are designed to get a “fair” levelised cost of electricity for the client. This means that we try to find ways to help our clients to identify the loads, how they are used and whether there are alternative ways to reduce these. Once that is established it is important to achieve an electricity cost which is as low as possible over the life of the system.

Industrial Systems (telemetry, telecom)

These systems are generally designed to a steady and continuous load where the importance is on large battery autonomy capabilities as well as quick recharge times after several days of cloud periods.

In addition to the above these systems may also require the integration of redundancy factors.

System Design

The load profile is essential to come up with a reliable system design. A system design will provide both the client as well as BayWa r.e. an understanding about the future performance of the offgrid system. It will highlight peaks and troughs due to seasonal load variances, holiday periods and surges in electrical tools.

Site Evaluation and Product Selection

In most cases offgrid systems are in locations which are away from mainstream services. This can mean that there are amongst others climate, logistical, geographical and geophysical considerations to be looked at. The team at BayWa has executed offgrid projects in various parts of the world and has a vast experience with challenging sites. Quipped with that experience out team can assist in evaluating the site and offer the right products for it. This can assist in ensuring timely project finalisation and within given budgets.

Packaged Systems

The global reach of BayWa r.e. allows us to access a very broad range of products. Combined with our experience we can create packaged solutions for our customers. The components in these packages are carefully selected and only used after determining all of the above factors and ensuring that they will meet a client’s demands.

Since we understand the cost of downtime in offgrid application we use only products from reputable companies with a proven track record in the field or should it be new technology make our own assessment based on our engineering knowledge.


For systems which incorporate our products we support customers with commissioning services onsite and offsite. This means that we can ensure that the offgrid system has been installed and the components are programmed correctly. The technology used in offgrid systems are very reliant on software and communication technologies. They have to interact together seamlessly. This in itself can pose challenging for companies who have not been doing this on a regular basis.