Cloud smoothing

Avoid sudden power drops with our innovative cloud smoothing technology

Cloud Smoothing is one of the inventions from the BayWa r.e. engineering department in Australia. It was born out of necessity to allow people in remote localised grids to have solar power systems without jeopardising the stability of the power station. The following describes the problem, our solution and its advantages.


In isolated networks a high solar penetration can have a negative impact on the power station when a sudden cloud event causes the solar system to lose a power drop. This drop in solar power could cause the power station (in a worst case scenario) to collapse as it may not be able to pick up the loss quickly enough by ramping up generation.


Our solution is a software which allows a continuous monitoring of the solar inverter and in a case of a cloud event triggering a counter-effect by activating a battery system to provide an equivalent amount to what was lost to the cloud occurence.


Our Cloud Smoothing Technology is utilising inverter technology from the leading German manufacturer SMA. This technology platform allows us and the client to fall back on products which are manufactured on a large scale and operate in many parts of the world.

System Design Service

Cloud Smoothing systems are fairly complex when it comes to design and customisation. We can offer our services to ensure that our solution suits the clients' requirements.